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Maximiliano Muñoz Zúñiga, profesor de Inglés

At Instituto de Humanidades Concepción, we celebrated a week dedicated to the English language, and it was nothing short of spectacular! The English Week, a vibrant and engaging event, showcased the enthusiasm and dedication of our students as they explored various facets of the English language and culture.

This annual celebration brought together students from different levels, creating a dynamic and inclusive environment for all.

One of the highlights of English Week was the Spelling Bee competition. Students from primary to high school levels eagerly participated, demonstrating their mastery of English vocabulary.

Another exciting event during English Week was the Propaganda Design competition. Our students unleashed their creativity as they crafted visually appealing posters and advertisements related to the English language and culture. These vibrant artworks showcased the importance of effective communication and design skills while promoting English as a global language.

Tongue Twisters English phonetics took the spotlight during the Tongue Twister competition. Students engaged in friendly competition, trying to outdo each other with challenging and entertaining tongue twisters. It was a fantastic way to improve pronunciation and fluency while sharing many laughs.

Exploring English-Speaking Cultures English Week also provided an opportunity to explore the diverse cultures of English-speaking countries. Our students organized informative and entertaining presentations about countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and more. These presentations not only broadened their cultural horizons but also encouraged cross-cultural understanding.

A Week to Remember English Week at Instituto de Humanidades Concepción was more than just a series of activities; it celebrated language, culture, and learning. Students from various levels came together to embrace the English language in all its forms, from spelling to creative design to cultural exploration. It was a week filled with fun, learning, and appreciation for the global importance of the English language. As we reflect on this memorable week, we are reminded of the incredible potential within our students.

We look forward to more enriching events in the future, where our students can continue to grow, learn, and celebrate the power of language and culture. Thank you to all the students, teachers, and staff who made English Week a resounding success. Here’s to many more years of celebrating the beauty and significance of the English language at Instituto de Humanidades Concepción!