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In a concerted effort to heed the call of the Pope’s latest apostolic exhortation, which is directed to all people of goodwill and centers on the critical issue of the climate crisis, our school’s Pastoral team, led by Maria Angélica Gallardo, in collaboration with the science teacher Ariel Araneda, and coordinated by the English department and the Bilingual program team led respectively by Miss Andrea Rodriguez and Mr. Max Muñoz, organized an enlightening chit-chat for 1st-year students, classes A and B.

 The talk focused on the pressing climate crisis, volcanic activity, the interplay between geography and the atmosphere, and various other topics related to earth sciences. The highlight of this event was the presence of Dr. Bryan Mark, a renowned expert in Earth-Water-Atmosphere Interactions and Tropical Glaciers, from the Department of Geography at The Ohio State University. Professor Mark brought valuable insights and knowledge to our students, enriching their understanding of the global climate situation and other scientific topics.  He discussed different aspects of the science he has developed, how he became interested in glaciers, and his career path: from Boy Scout to explorer, from a Bachelor in History to a Master in Geography and Ph.D. in Earth Sciences.  His insights sparked students to ask quite interesting questions about climate change and water resources. 

Furthermore, we were honored to host Professor Alfonso Fernández from the Universidad de Concepción. Professor Fernández specializes in hydroclimatic studies, with a particular emphasis on mountain regions. His expertise added a new layer of understanding regarding the challenges mountainous areas face regarding climate change and the importance of water resources.

The talk was a remarkable collaboration between local educators, international researchers, and experts, giving our students a global perspective on the climate crisis and its environmental impact. It is indeed heartening to see our educational community coming together to address one of the most significant issues of our time by discussing important topics using English as an instrument to bridge communication.

The Pope’s apostolic exhortation reminds us all that, as people of goodwill, we must care for our home. By fostering a deep understanding of the climate crisis and its broader implications, our school aims to empower our students to be stewards of the environment.

As we move forward, we hope to continue such initiatives, inspiring our students to take positive action in their own lives and become advocates for environmental sustainability. In the spirit of the Pope’s message, we encourage everyone, regardless of their faith, to join us in this vital effort to protect and preserve our planet for future generations.