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Departamento de Inglés

Yesterday, our School was filled with an overwhelming sense of joy and excitement as we commemorated the extraordinary accomplishment of our 4th-year students at the PET – B1 certification ceremony. It was a true testament to their unwavering commitment and relentless efforts. Our bright young minds were awarded a globally acknowledged certificate, symbolizing their proficiency in English at an intermediate level. Astonishingly, more than 60% of them surpassed expectations and achieved a higher intermediate level (B2).

This milestone was more than just a ceremony; it was a moment of pride, commitment, and hope for the future. The PET-B1 certification opens doors to numerous opportunities in an increasingly globalized world. With English being the lingua franca of business, travel, and academia, having a strong foundation in the language is essential for the future.

In his inspiring speech, our school’s principal, Ivan Villaon Quzada, emphasized the significance of this achievement, reminding students of the countless doors that this certification would unlock in their academic and professional journeys. Miss Patricia Osorio Baeza, from Instituto Británico de Cultura de Concepción, shared words of encouragement and motivation. She highlighted how English proficiency not only broadens horizons but also fosters critical thinking and effective communication skills.

The atmosphere was one of camaraderie, pride, and celebration. Students, parents, school authorities, teachers, and guests came together in an environment that was both academically and family-oriented. Their enthusiastic support added to the student’s sense of accomplishment and instilled a strong sense of community spirit.

As we look forward, we encourage our students to continue their English language journey. English proficiency is not a destination; it’s a continuous journey. With a B1 or B2 level, they have a strong foundation, but there’s always room for growth. Furthering their language skills can open up more opportunities, enhance their world’s outlook, and enable them to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

The PET-B1 certification ceremony was an unforgettable occasion, marking the start of a promising future for our students. We couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments and are excited to be a part of their continued pursuit of English language mastery. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to our students, and we can’t wait to see where their language-learning journey takes them next.