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Departamento de Inglés

Our teacher Miss Inés Álvarez has been leading dynamic and creative activities with first and second-year high school students, enriching their learning experiences in innovative ways.

1. Cinematic Poster Creation and Presentation: Students were tasked with designing a cinematic poster for a film, TV show, anime, or cartoon of their choice. After completing their posters, each student presented their work to the class, discussing the film’s themes and why they chose specific visual elements. This activity not only enhanced their artistic skills but also improved their public speaking and presentation abilities.

2. Dialogue Creation and Performance with Limited Vocabulary: In another engaging exercise, students were challenged to craft a dialogue using only a restricted set of vocabulary words. After preparing their dialogues, the students performed them in front of their classmates. This exercise encouraged them to think critically about word choice and how to effectively communicate within constraints. It was a fun and interactive way to develop both linguistic and theatrical skills.

3. Environmental Issue Discussions and Speaking Practice: In this activity, students were given topics related to environmental issues and asked to research and prepare short presentations. During these sessions, students not only learned about critical global issues but also practiced articulating their thoughts and opinions in English. This activity fostered a deeper understanding of environmental topics while building confidence in spoken English.

In conclusion, our invitation is to embrace the power of non-conventional learning activities to ignite passion and curiosity in our students, paving the way for a brighter and more inspired future generation.